By: Scott Davis 

Folks, in the link below please find our latest Melius Macro Views slide deck. Key takeaways below:

  • Short cycle and deep cyclical markets appear to be heading into a global recession, although very mild. Longer cycle markets remain solid – led by anything capex or aerospace related.
  • Forward datapoints show China stabilizing at low levels (p. 9) and Europe still weakening.
  • Inventories remain elevated at levels last seen during the 2008 financial crisis and are a key risk going into the back of half of the year (p. 10-14)
  • Industrial metals prices are stable at lower levels for now, and rising oil prices should help a key industrial market (p. 19-20)
  • Industrial stock valuations back to levels last seen during 2015-2016 industrial recession (p. 45). Funds continue to flow out of industrials but are closing in on prior trough levels (p. 31). Net/net the market is ahead of the data…too late to sell.

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