Our team is comprised of seventeen professionals who collectively aim to change the way investment research is produced and delivered to clients.

Our mission is to continually improve our best-in-class research while driving productivity in the research process. We believe our efficiency is derived from our deep data sources and extensive cycle experience. In partnership, we can help our clients generate better ideas, with greater accuracy and conviction, in less time. We have created a culture of creativity that rewards new insights and finds inspiration in being truly independent. We are a client-centric firm, providing premium access, value, and product to clients looking for accountability and tangible results from their partners.

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Scott Davis

Founding Partner - Multi-Industry Research

Carter Copeland

Founding Partner - Aerospace & Defense Research

Rob Wertheimer

Founding Partner - Machinery Research

Scott Weiss

Founding Partner - Institutional Sales

Tim Greene

Founding Partner - Institutional Sales

Liz Davis

Founding Partner - Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Christine Collins

Founding Partner - Head of Corporate Access & Media Relations

Mitch Avnet

Chief Compliance Officer

Gregg Paster

General Counsel

Jake Levinson

Vice President - Multi-Industry Research

Ryan Eldridge

Vice President - Aerospace & Defense Research

Katie Selby

Vice President – Institutional Sales

Tom Liu

Vice President - Quantamental & Data Analytics

Patrick Jang

Data Scientist - Quantamental Research

Jordan Lerner

Analyst - Equity Research