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Melius Research is an independent research, data analytics and investment firm that leverages decades of industrials, technology and consumer expertise to help our clients navigate a rapidly changing world. New technology in areas such as robotics, new mobility, energy transition, space travel, and software, is transforming the traditional industrial eco-system.  Artificial intelligence has emerged as one of the key themes of the century, making a siloed view of the software, semiconductor, internet and hardware sectors obsolete. Furthermore, the powerful thematic of sustainability is driving a secular shift in investment never seen before, creating unique opportunities and a new generation of leaders. We partner with clients including disruptive start-ups, institutional investors, and corporate executive teams, to make better investment and strategic decisions.

Scott Davis

Founding Partner - Multi-Industry Research

Rob Wertheimer

Founding Partner – Machinery & New Mobility Research

Scott Weiss

Founding Partner - Institutional Sales

Tim Greene

Founding Partner - Institutional Sales

Liz Davis

Founding Partner - Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Ben Reitzes

Managing Director - Head of Technology Research

Karen Short

Managing Director - Head of Consumer/Retail Research

Robert Spingarn

Managing Director - Aerospace, Defense and Space Research

Conor Cunningham

Director – Airlines and Travel Research

Jake Levinson

Director - Multi-Industry Research

Katie Selby

Director – Institutional Sales

Scott Mikus

Vice President - Aerospace, Defense and Space Research

Justin Pellegrino

Analyst - Machinery and New Mobility Research

Daragh Regan

Analyst - Airlines and Travel Research

Mitch Avnet

Chief Compliance Officer

Gregg Paster

General Counsel