Our core business model sharply breaks from Wall Street’s trading tradition in that we are purely subscription based. We believe that subscription models allow clients to pay for what they want/need from their partners in an explicit manner and be fully compliant with MiFID II regulations.

Our Research Edge

We have made a strategic return to our roots by increasing our “on-location” research. Classical research was once balanced between C-level interactions and bottom-up, factory level analysis. As analysts have added stocks and responsibilities, the latter has fallen off sharply. We do more of the bottom-up research by increasing visits to off-circuit trade shows and spending more time with private companies. our partnerships with venture capital and private equity leaders has allowed us a closer look at disruptive technologies and more intimacy with the greater industrial supply chain.

We offer 3 research subscription options – each customizable for client needs


A Core subscription offers an entry level solution for those seeking connection with our fundamental research product in a written form, video, and via group conference calls.

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Core Plus

The Core Plus offering provides a higher touch service and adds access to working models, conference and event invitations, corporate events, and access to the majority of the staff of Melius Research. It also includes a subscription to our portfolio strategy offering and base level data analytics.

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Our Priority tier is limited to the top decile of our clients and is appropriate for investors who want the highest level of partnership with us. It includes full access to the founding partners of the firm, priority access to all firm hosted events, bespoke work requests, access to the firm’s data and data analytics work.  Though the cost is additional we are believers that this tier is by far the best value for those seeking to maximize alpha generation.

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