Vertical Expertise, Cycle Experience, Unmatched Network, Data-Centric Process

Research is a process that requires analysis and engagement across the life-cycle of a business/industry – from start-up to venture capital backing to private equity ownership and eventually public market participation. We drive for connectivity at each step. Our coverage universe continues to evolve and spans Aerospace & Defense, Airlines & Logistics, Climate Solutions, Industrial Technology, Machinery & New Mobility, Multi-Industry, Technology, and Travel. Our fundamental work includes detailed company-specific reports, thematic and sector pieces, as well as timely videos tackling key debates and data points across industrials.


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Macro Strategy

Our Macro Strategy offering combines a top-down global macro framework with bottoms-up data. This approach is designed to capture inflection points more quickly, particularly in more cyclically geared industries. The data sets include hard to find and expensive to procure, as well as more traditionally utilized metrics. The bottoms-up is aided by a global network of private companies, particularly those at the beginning and end of the supply chain – where real time market color can prove most valuable. The intent of the product is to identify material shifts in macro conditions and measure increases or decreases in risk by sector or sub-sector.

Corporate Access

We aim to change the corporate access model by providing a deeper level of connectivity and engagement between market participants. We believe through small-group settings, thematic events and corporate tours, we can provide more meaningful interactions for our clients and corporate partners. Our annual Industrials Conference has quickly become a must-attend industry event combining leading corporate management teams with industry experts, consultants, and disruptive-tech private companies.