The Latin word “melius” directly translates into “better” in English. However, it is the Japanese translation into “kaizen,” which means “continuous improvement,” that best reflects our culture and core values.

By trade, the founders of Melius Research have collectively spent more than a half century analyzing and researching industrial companies. Many of today’s industrial companies have put “melius” into practice, as they seek to improve their business models, overcoming challenges and capitalizing on new opportunities every day. This notion of “melius” is where we too find inspiration.

Our mission is simple: we commit to continuously improving our research and ourselves every single day. We are dedicated to delivering a better product by improving efficiency, lowering costs, and simplifying the current investment research process for our clients.

We aim for our research to be deep and mission-critical, allowing our clients to draw important conclusions in a timely and efficient manner. By definition, we are an independent research shop — but we see ourselves as much more. We see ourselves as an integral part — a true partner — in your research process.