Strategic Corporate Consulting

Our vertical expertise, historic context, and connectivity with public markets allows us a unique approach in helping corporates measure both risk and opportunity in their strategic planning. We offer the ability to analyze and value unique businesses while helping corporates weigh short term market responses with long term objectives. Melius recognizes that not all business actions are “popular” so we have the capability to help craft the narrative around bold strategic plans, in a way that may differ considerably from the traditional consulting world.

Investor Relations Consulting

Both new and existing public entities often struggle to connect effectively and efficiently with the investment community. At Melius, we offer front-end and back-end solutions – from assisting with the quarterly earnings process, helping craft major announcements, to a more strategic analysis of target investors. Our best contributions often come in the form of productivity – helping corporates deliver a clear and targeted message, and helping Investor Relations professionals to maximize the most influential buy-side and sell-side relationships, target new investors efficiently, while satisfying the needs of existing holders.

Venture Capital Consulting

Our initial foray into the world of Venture Capital is in the form of analytics and partnerships. In analytics we are focused in two areas – historic investment patterns and disruptive technologies. Utilizing broad industry databases, we measure and analyze historic trends around investment and valuation and have the ability to compare to public company investment trends. The end-result being the ability to assess “crowding” risk and help VC firms to understand where investment risk may be rising or declining. In partnership with VC investors we offer independent asset quality analysis and valuation analysis – not just from an independent perspective but also allowing VCs to manage capacity constraints via outsourced and exclusive analysis.

Private Equity Consulting

We address the needs of private equity in three offerings. First, our basic research subscription packages allow for PE professionals to follow macro trends and stay on top of verticals relevant to their holdings. With this we offer customized plans to allow sponsor-owned companies & executives access to our product and analysts. Second, we can be brought in on a project basis to analyze potential investments and accelerate the learning process around verticals, with which we are intimate. Lastly, though we provide no investment banking services, we can assist in IPO preparation. From offering and independent view on public company readiness to crafting of the message, Melius can be brought in either early or later in the process to help for a smoother exit. A fee based structure, not transaction tied, allows for independent assessment and an on-going consulting relationship.